title: portrait of nathan lumm
artist: jeremy
description: oils on board
caption: a loose painting of a friend, nathan lumm, getting drunk at Caseys

Fri Mar-30-2007 15:16:21
Um..... WOW. I have no clue what to say about this piece. Was this from a sketch that you did at Casey's? I can't wait to see this piece in person.
Wed Apr-04-2007 15:06:26
this one was sketched from a photo. normally, i prefer to paint from sketches out of my sketchbook, but i couldn't find any sketches of you...the photo was pretty blurry, but i used it mainly for color reference than anything else....also i feel like this piece isn't quite done yet. i still need to define more of the background shapes and forms. but i got lazy and just moved on to other paintings...maybe someday i'll return to this one.