JeremyVan Winkle
los angeles, ca

born on the uncharted planet of zulan, jeremy grew up seperated from any known civilization by a few thousand lightyears. by the age of 15 he entered a period of metamorphosis, after which he emerged as a small bumble bee. and seeing how his appearance had changed, jeremy decided to change his name too. after long and intense consideration, he decided his name would be Mossingle (but all the other bumble bees eventually just called him Mossy). like all bumble bees, Mossy liked beautiful flowers. unfortunately it was the 37th century, and so real flowers didn't exist anymore, just clunky mechanical flowers that were coated with oil, not pollen.this annoyed Mossy. he wanted to taste the pollen from a real flower. he had dreams everynight, about finding a sunflower in a meadow, and just sitting on that sunflower for years and years. then he would awake to a world of machines beeping, and cranking, and clunking, and clinking.


One day, Mossy decided he had enough of the machines beeping and cranking and clunking and clinking. He decided he was gonna go on a journey--in search of a real flower covered in pollen, not oil. So he pack a very small sac (it had to be very small because Mossy was only a bumble bee and bumble bees are very small), and he flew out of his lazer window, away from the machines that beep and crank and clunk and clink. he flew for days and days, and found no end to the machines that go beep and crank and clunk and clink. Mossy was surprised at how much bumble bees had popluated the world and turned nature into a gigantic machine that beeps and cranks and clunks and clinks.


then one day on his journey, he met a butterfly named Anabell. Anabell looked very tired. she too had been searching for a real flower because she was a butterfly and butterflies like flowers too. "it's just no use." Anabell thought, "i'll never find a real flower."

"are you looking for a real flower too?" asked Mossy.
"why, yes i am." answered Anabell.
"me too. i've been flying for days and i cant seem to escape the machines that go beep and crank and clunk and clink."
"me neither." replied Anabell.

and so Mossy and Anabell decided to team up and search for a real flower, together. after all two minds working together are better than one, no matter how small. so off they flew away from the machines that go beep and crank and clunk and clink, looking for a real flower.


after years of searching, they realized there wasn't a real flower on this planet. the entire planet must have been one giant machine that goes beep and crank and clunk and clink. so Mossy and Anabell, decided travel to another planet and search for a real flower coated with pollen, not oil. this wasn't hard to do, since it was the 37th century, and rocket ships travel to and from all the planets in the universe, daily. So Anabell and Mossy got onto the next rocket ship, and went to the planet 'FLOWER'. they figurerd there had to be a real flower on the planet 'FLOWER', a real flower that was covered with polloen, not oil.


when the rocketship landed, the doors opened, and what did Anabell and Mossy hear? no, not beeping and cranking and clunking and clinking, but bizzing and buzzing and wooshing. yep, they weren't the first bee nor the first butterfly to search for a real flower coated with pollen, not oil. in fact, so many bees and butterlies had come to the planet 'FLOWER' in search of a real flower covered with pollen, not oil, that all the real flowers covered with pollen, not oil, were all used up. they were all gone. and there were none left for Mossy and Anabell. "what to do?" Anabell thought.


Anabell turned to Mossy, who was now completely engaged in his guidebook, looking for any other planets that might have flowers, and ask him simply, "do you have any suggestions?" Mossy looked up at her, shook his head 'no' and went back to reading.

by this time, they were both tired, from the long distance they had to travel to get to the planet, so they decided to go to sleep. during the night, a giant bear came wandering out of the wilderness in a playful mood. prouncing and jumping about the bear wasnt paying any attention to where he was going. and so, if it wasnt for the sharp sting on his hind foot, he wouldn't have realized that he just stepped on Anabell. the bear looked down to see what made his foot sting so much, when he saw a stinger sticking out of his paw, and some red clumpy juice surrounding it.

"oh no! what have i done?" thought the bear.
just then Mossy awoke from his sleep to the vision of a giant bear crying over him. "Please forgive me mr. bumble bee. please forgive me."
'huh?' thought mossy. he looked around to see where anabell was.
"i didnt see her. she was just so small."
"what?"... 'where's anabelll?' thought mossy as he looked around. his heart started beating faster and faster as he couldnt find her. "hello mr. bear." said mossy, "have you ssen another bumblee bee? her name is anabell. she was sleeping next to me."
"oh i'm so sorry mr. bumble bee, she was just so small and i didnt see her..." crying, "i think i stepped on her."

mossy spent the next few years in mourning, not sure what to do anymore. he no longer care to find any real flowers covered in pollen, or oil. in fact he didnt even care to find any flowers at all. then one day mossy over heard a bumblee bee describing this exotic world on the other end of the galaxy. a planet covered in greens and blues. with mountains taller than a billion bumble bees stacked on top of each other, and oceans as wide as the circumferance of 'Zulan' and 'FLOWER' combined. since mossy had no reason to stay on 'FLOWER', he decided to travel to this exotic planet. so, he hopped onto the next outgoing spaceship, and spent the next 3 years in hypersleep as he travelled far across the vast regions of the galaxy.


when he awoke, mossy was on this new planet, with giant looking creatures that walked on 2 legs. Mossy knew the only way he could survive on tis planet was to become one of the locals. so, he found a cave deep in the mountains where he felt safe from all the wild bears, and spent the next years meditating and concetrating on changing his form. finally after 3 years, mossy emerged from his cave in the form of a human being. he stumbled around a bit, until he got the hang of this walking thing, and then decided that he would celebrate his change, by reinstating his original name.


jeremy spent the next 5 years on the planet earth learning the customs of humans, traveling the world exploring the various cultures of earth, and meeting people along the way. he now lives in los angeles working as an animator and editor, while he struggles to get by and fund his own personal projects. at some point he met another person, who by pure chance was his long lost brother that he hadnt seen since childhood. jeremy and his brother, jason, have since began to work together on creative projects including music, paintgs, short films, and in the near future a feature-length film.


for more datails and updates on the wacky adventures of jeremy and jason van winkle, check for updates to their website: www.brothersvanwinkle.com.

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